North Forsyth Animal Hospital is a full service hospital formed in 2020 to provide care to our patients in a relaxed and positive environment.

At NFAH we believe in taking care of those who take care of us. For this reason we offer a discount to active duty military, veterans, first responders, teachers and senior citizens. We offer wellness plans as a convenient option to budget for the best preventive care possible. We want to be your partner for a healthy, happy life so come visit us and feel the difference!


We are a full service hospital offering routine preventive care, dental care, illness management and surgery.

Preventative Care

We believe in tailoring preventive care to each pet and will discuss risk factors to form your pet's treatment plan. We carry 3 year vaccines and include tick disease screening with our yearly heartworm tests.


We are able to diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses. We have full body radiographs available as well as a very capable in house laboratory so we can often get results in just a few minutes to help get your pet on it's road to recovery.

Dental Care

At North Forsyth Animal Hospital, our dental care is performed under general anesthesia and all pets receive bloodwork prior, an IV catheter, fluids during the procedure as well as full mouth dental radiographs. We want to keep this procedure safe for your pet while allowing us to offer the best care possible.


We offer spay/neuter as well as more advanced soft tissue surgeries. All our surgeries include bloodwork the day of surgery, pain injections, an IV catheter with fluids and an E collar when needed to go home. We offer short anesthesia drop offs if you prefer to not be away from your pet all day, and can allow you to sit with your pet while they recover.

Our Hours


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